The DiscoVET approach: solutions, tools, and training

Here is the second instalment of the Lessons Learnt Kit, which is a series of publications (documents and videos), that is summing up and demonstrating the project main outputs accounting for both the knowledge we as project partners have gained about the education and validation environment in the European Union and the participating countries on the face of the changes and transformations in process, especially when we look at the momentum of open, online education, as well as for the needs in knowledge and skills in that respect of the education community, the learners in VET and Higher Education, but also the issuers of digitally-signed credentials, professionals, companies and organisations in the labour market. The Lessons Learned Kit provides in a concise and direct manner useful information, practices and tools as developed by the project for all the above mentioned groups of persons and actors, so they can benefit, become aware, understand the workings in the production of knowledge and skills and how they are validated in the new educational environment, use and apply tools and practices from their position in the knowledge creation continuum within Academia, VET, Adult Education, the labour market.

The second kit introduces the two main results of the project: the DIScoPLAYER platform and the Course on Open badges and Digital Credentials.

Download the kit in pdf: The DiscoVET approach: solutions, tools, and training