New publication: Skills for open badges and digitally signed credentials in the new era

A newly published report that scans the rapid changes and developments of the open badge ecosystem, the role-based requirements of issuers, earners, validators, and the technical solutions. It provids the base for the development work of the DISCO VET project by means of desk and field research implemented from December 2020 to July 2021.

The desk research was focused on the developments in Hungary, Spain, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia and at EU/International level regarding open badges and digitally signed credentials, IT and educational administration technology of the last 2 years in partner countries, EU and beyond.

The field research included:

    • Online Interviews: The 17 interviews have been the means to obtain employers, trainers, and learners’ input regarding the challenges in this area, how they are addressed so far and what services, tools, training content can be useful for their stakeholders’ specific roles (issuer, earner, displayer, validator), according to their views.
    • Survey: 165 Online questionnaires have provided feedback from Issuers of open badges and digitally signed credentials, earners (learners) and validators to gain insight into the demand side regarding Open Badges and Digitally Signed Credentials.

Download the full report here: REPORT DOWNLOAD (pdf)